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The Divorce

Rob’s phone buzzed.

“Robbie! Honey! You got a text!”

Ana picked up the phone to hand it to Rob. She glanced at the message.

“I miss you, my love. Send me a smile.”

Ana’s face grew deathly white. Her vision tinged red.


Robbie ran into the room. One look at the phone in his wife’s hand, and his face changed.
That was all the confirmation she needed.

A glass vase came flying and shattered on the wall behind him.


Ana picked up the nearest book and threw it in his general direction. She was delirious with shock and grief. The floor was littered with shards of glass. She didn’t care whether she stepped on them or not. Her heart was breaking, breaking, into a million fragments, and each one of them stabbed her more than all the glass in the world. She screamed with the pain.

“Baby, please calm down. Emily and I have been wanting to talk to you. I want a divorce, Ana. I’m so so sorry. I love her. I wanted to tell you. I wish you hadn’t found out this way-”

He ducked as a knick-knack came swooshing towards his face.


Ana ran towards the kitchen, sobbing her heart out. The text message was ringing in her head.

“I miss you, my love. Send me a smile.”

Robbie ran after his wife into the pretty kitchen they’d renovated just last year.

“Ana, please listen to me. Please, please calm down. Hon, put the knife down. Sit at the table. We need to talk. Please talk to me.”

Ana stood alone in the middle of the kitchen floor, her head hung, her chest racking with grief. She looked at her husband with tear-filled eyes. She loved him, still. She sat down at the table.

Two days later, Emily got a text.

“Things sorted, finally! Wait for the mail. I’ve sent a surprise.”

She smiled to herself. It was almost time for the mailman anyway.
The doorbell rang and she raced downstairs.

“Package delivery for Miss Sloane. Signature here.”

A present! Robbie was such a generous man. Emily thanked the postman and took the box to her room. Maybe it was a book? Robbie knew she loved to collect hardcovers of her favourite books.

She opened the box and looked inside. It was a cardboard with pins stuck to it. Confusedly, she flipped it over.


It was skin. A pair of lips and the skin around them stretched out on a piece of cardboard, pinned into a grotesque smile. There was a note in the box.

“Sending you a smile, whore.”

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Sometimes it’s caffeine
A big mug of rich, dark coffee
Drunk in a gulp and a hurry.

Sometimes it’s a ride
A pause on the top of a rollercoaster
Just before you fall and scream.

Sometimes it’s adrenaline
Standing at the door looking in
And the interviewer says, “Come in!”

Sometimes it’s electricity
That you feel through your phone
When it lights up, and so do you.

Sometimes it’s the possibility
That courses between two people
Simply sitting next to each other.

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I’m Sorry I Was Late, The Traffic…

Why I Took So Long To Get Ready (ie Answers You Will Never Get From Your Girl Friends)

My wardrobe is open and filled with stuff.
Buttons and sequins and leather and fluff.
And yet I can’t choose an outfit just right
That I can put on for the party tonight.

Not this! Won’t withstand the wind or the rain
That I have to face ‘ere the party begins.
Not this! Can’t wear that on the public train
Judgemental glances will come pouring in.

What of the gown I bought a month ago?
I’ll look like a Siamese at a dog show.
What about jeans with a nice dressy top?
Too casual, I don’t want to look like a flop.

Maybe this dress? No that’s too tight.
I’ve kept it for when I’ll be a bit light.
Maybe this jumpsuit is what I should choose.
Ooh nice! But I don’t have the right shoes.

This one fits me like you won’t believe
The problem is the hole in the sleeve.
This one was my love and my go-to
Until the colour faded into a light blue.

I should just call and make an excuse
Make up an emergency, or just refuse.
I can’t be overdressed, definitely not under
That would be a terrible blunder.

Oh! That’s it! That’s just perfect for now!
Now if only time will allow,
I’ll look my best and feel even better
Here comes the chic trendsetter!

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I tell you you’re beautiful,
And you say “Aw, thank you!”
I’m wondering if you know
Just how pretty I think you are.

Your Snapchat says ‘Girlfriends!’
On that blurry selfie we took.
I’m wondering if you know
How lovely that sounds to me.

You hug me and kiss my cheek.
“You’re definitely my girl crush!'”
I’m wondering if you know
I’ve been crushing on you for years.

“No boys over for sleepovers!”
My mother wags her finger.
I’m wondering if you know
I’d never invite them anyway.

I’m watching you twirl your hair.
Talking about the boy you like.
I’m wondering if you know
My heart’s breaking in silence.

My heart drew a map to love.
But I couldn’t decipher it.
I’m wondering if you know
That you were the treasure.

I’ll find someone one day.
Who looks at me like I looked at you.
But I’m wondering if you knew.
That you were my very first love.