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Comic Strip Saturday: Internet Cliches.

I stand a very good chance of speaking and thinking only in memes, at the rate I’m going. Thankfully, all my friends talk like that too, so atleast we understand each other.



Happy Saturday!

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To whomsoever it may concern,
A soul to crush, a heart to burn,
Would sooner take me to heaven
Than into your school.

I’m one among a thousand others,
Wrestling with our binds and tethers
Racing against one another
For a spot in the pool.

So my writing has to go.
And my blogging has to slow.
The fires of my mind that glow
Have to dim and cool.

But I’ll be back once again.
To write, hope, dream and gain
Some experience and then remain
A blogger and a fool.

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The Sands of Time.

The sands, as far as the eye could see.
Lifeless and bare, under the sun.
A lonely figure trudging in the haze.
Leaving footprints that don’t last long.

Fire in his eyes, his heart was on fire.
Walking a path only he can see.
Paused when he saw, at a distance
A lonely man sat under a lonely tree.

The man’s eyes were as old as time.
His face was none the younger.
His tranquil pose betrayed only by
His look of everlasting hunger.

“Come, my friend.” one to the other
“Walk with me to the promised land.”
“Many like you I’ve seen before.”
“Vanishing into the cruel sand.”

“Not I!” The confidence of youth
Spoke with a joyous innocence.
It hadn’t travelled far enough
To learn life’s harder lessons.

“Walk alone on this invisible path.”
The Youth went on his journey.
Death looked at the Youth walk away.
“Not alone. The vultures keep him company.”