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Comic Strip Saturday: Self Validation.

Breaking news: You can find self validation even through spam advertisements! You just have to look for it.



More cyanide and happiness at

Happy Saturday!

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Totally Non-Scientific Theory Tuesday: Efficiency is Directly Proportional to Urgency

All students will attest to the fact that it is much easier to get things done when you’re desperate.

As an example, I had two weeks to prepare for yesterday’s Community Medicine test. I was so determined to do well that I began my preparations at full speed the day the test was announced. That speed fizzled out rapidly and completely in a day. Two weeks is a long time, I told myself. I have so much time to study; I don’t need to push myself.

Before I knew it, it was Saturday. The test was two days away. I’d accomplished about 10% of what I needed to do for the test in fourteen days. I got done with the rest of the 90% in two.

So this is my Totally Non- Scientific Theory for this Tuesday: Efficiency is directly proportional to urgency, because somewhere in the back of your mind, you know you can get away with a little bit of procrastination, even if you shouldn’t. You know that adrenaline and the caffeine molecule are responsible for all the good that you’ve ever accomplished in your life.

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The Dream

Hi guys!

I’ll be posting a short story called The Dream (creative name, I know).

Unfortunately, it’s not so short that you won’t get bored reading it as a single blog post. I, at least, don’t expect 2000 word blog posts when I click a link.

That’s why I’ll be posting it in five parts. I hope you enjoy reading! 🙂

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Loved this!

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

Dear Justin Bieber,

Congratulations on your big win at the American Music Awards tonight. Winning “Favorite Musical Artist” is the most valuable award a musician can win if we aren’t counting a Grammy. A Grammy is a much bigger deal.

I did not see it myself. I tend to not watch awards shows like this. They are often filled with musical performances like this:

This is something that seems more appropriate in a terrible nightmare than on a music show. Plus the music is usually very poor.

Since I was not watching the awards show, though, I missed something very important. In your speech you said, “This is for all the haters who thought I’d be around for 1, 2 years.”

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for thanking me. It means a lot to know that all of my ridiculing has not been in…

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This isn’t going anywhere. As long as countries in the UNSC think about themselves, the UN will probably do nothing except scold Syria like an indulgent governess. China and Russia will always veto any definite strategy.

This Just In

A U.N. General Assembly resolution approved Friday stresses “grave concern” over the deteriorating conflict in Syria and slams the government for its actions and the Security Council for its “failure” to counter the crisis.

The assembly adopted the Saudi-sponsored resolution 133-12 with 31 abstentions. It comes a day after Kofi Annan announced his resignation as the U.N. and Arab League special envoy to Syria. He championed a six-point peace plan that has failed to take hold.

The resolution notes “human rights abuses by armed opposition groups” and condemns “all violence, irrespective of where it comes from, including terrorist acts.” But most of its ire is reserved for Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding, unlike Security Council resolutions.  But diplomats at the General Assembly strongly upbraided the Security Council for failing to deal with the issue. Russia and China vetoed tough Security Council resolutions against Syria earlier…

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