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Comic Strip Saturday: Dubbing.

Look how adorable he is! Oh honey..


Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones Part 2

I’ve already done a Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones, but I still need to do one more, because usually, we get another season around this time. This year, not only are we getting our fix late, we’re also getting lesser. (sob)

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If you feel like I do, read more Foxtrot here, here and here.

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I Heart The Crown. [No spoilers, don’t worry.]

A relative lull after my exams in January meant that I was ready to get hooked on to a brand new TV series. I have always been a bit of an anglophile. I never got around to watching Downton Abbey, but I was very excited about watching The Crown.


First things first: Hans Zimmer. The main theme is brilliant and really sets the tone for the series. The molten gold that eventually forms the crown seems almost malevolent in the first frame where it looks like the head of a snake.

The first episode is a bit slow, I thought, and I almost stopped watching the series mid-way through the second episode. I’m glad I didn’t. The rhythm and pace of the series do take some getting used to, but then it grips you and never lets you go.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, my mother had let us bunk school to watch the live broadcast. My image of the monarchy is peppered with gold and diamonds and expensive fur. Peter Morgan goes a long way to ensure that the splendor is not what the viewer focuses on. The opening sequence features closeups of the goddamn Kohinoor Diamond, but the black light robs it of any brilliance. The sets are ornate and authentic, yet you never feel awed by Elizabeth Windsor’s wealth. She is in a position of undoubted privilege, but she wears the diamonds like one would wear a work suit. The tone of the first season is melancholic, almost poignant. I must be quite masochistic to watch episode after heartbreaking episode, and yet I couldn’t stop.

I got my roommate hooked on it too, and now she’s quite resentful of the heartache I’ve introduced to her. I have no opinions on the real life family apart from that of a distant viewer. I can’t wait to watch the fictional family again when Season 2 comes in October.

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I’m sorry. If you were disappointed with the newest season of Sherlock (many people are), then this post is not for you. If I wanted straightforward murder mysteries being solved by people named Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, I would watch Elementary. I don’t, so here we are.


Am I biased because of this face? Of course I’m biased. Look at this face!

I loved how all of the characters in the show grew this season. We got to know John as a human being, Mary as a human being and Sherlock as a human being. The series till now had focussed on Sherlock slowly learning to accept human interaction. This season made John become human by cheating on Mary and their dysfunctional marriage, and Mary be human by running away instead of talking to John. We got to see just why Sherlock is what he is, and the traumatising Redbeard incident that turned a normal, clever, happy child into a high-functioning sociopath. The last brilliant  episode was intensely breathtaking and bittersweet at the same time, a great swan song for a series I’ll  miss dearly.



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Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones!

I’m in real, real GoT withdrawal.

I’ve rewatched all the seasons, watched all of Alt+Shift+X’s videos a thousand times, and read more fan theory articles than I can remember. And I want more.

I’ve decided not to finish reading the book series until I finish the show. I’ve read the first four books in ASOIAF, but I’m going to put a hold on reading the fifth one, because the show and the books are completely different by this point. I don’t want to confuse myself by mixing the both of them.

I just needed to find a comic strip that had something to do with GoT, because by God, I’m getting impatient. The next season doesn’t come out till next summer.

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Happy Saturday!