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The Original Marky Mark. ( ie: My First Literary Crush)

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
A happy man was he.
With Julius as his buddy.
He worked with honesty.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
Then Brutus went too far.
And so Mark cried and then he lied.
Let slip the dogs of war.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He stood and hatched a plan.
Looked to the crowd and said aloud
“And he is an honourable man.”

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He won at Phillipi.
With Augustus and Ledipus,
He ruled from o’er high.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He fell in love at once.
They called her Queen of Egypt,
Whore to the Romans.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
He was so full of sass.
And then he fought, power he sought
Kicked out Ledipus’ ass.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
His wife was still in Rome.
She told her bro, “How sad I grow!”
“Marky’s never at home.”

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He caught Octavius’ ire,
He saw the armies marching in,
Felt the fat in the fire.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
Such a great man was he.
His friend was killed for ambition.
And so was Antony.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
Murdered by his own hand.
There was never any better
Dictator on this land.


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Dog Memes.

I have noticed that a day does not go by without an argument with someone. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve become more quarrelsome, or because my friends have become more passionate about politics.

A year ago, me stating a political opinion would have gathered rolled eyes and yawns; today, there is always a counter opinion.

I must say, I quite enjoy this development. I am always in need of a fresher, broader perspective and it’s always welcome from a friend. However, arguments about religion and politics always leave me stressed out and in need of decompression.

That is probably why I have taken to collecting dog memes on my phone. They always brighten up my day and I hope they will yours too.



















Have you noticed an increase in argumentative-ness lately?

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Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones Part 2

I’ve already done a Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones, but I still need to do one more, because usually, we get another season around this time. This year, not only are we getting our fix late, we’re also getting lesser. (sob)

FoxTrot Classic - ft160724comb_hs.tif


If you feel like I do, read more Foxtrot here, here and here.

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Stationery Shopping

I went stationery shopping the other day with my mother. I haven’t spent more than five minutes in a stationery shop since I left school, so I was a bit taken aback by just how much I missed it.


We spent three hours in that giant two-storey store trying out different kinds of pens and rifling through hundreds of notebooks. We checked out the different kinds of paper: craft, wrapping, handmade, watercolor, sketching and what have you. We fiddled with umpteen kinds of pencils and graphites and charcoal. We debated over the best kinds of files and folders. We ogled over acrylics and crayons and quilling material. After going through photograph inks and USB drives and art markers, we moved to envelopes and index cards and rubber stamps.

By the time we came home, we were exhausted and exhilarated. We each had two large shopping bags with us, full of stuff we ‘really actually needed’. I now have more beautiful pens than I will ever use, although I’m sure I’ll go through the stacks of new notebooks and post-its quite quickly. I sometimes wish I had a hobby that needed me to buy some of the fascinating things in the shop, but I’m quite happy with buying everyday stationery if I get to gawk at the other things occasionally.

I had a lot of fun doing this, so I thought I might share my joy here. 🙂

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Ten Questions and Ten Answers.

I’m thinking of writing an infrequently recurring series of posts where I answer ten questions about myself truthfully. I was inspired by this wonderful blog, so I came up with (by which I mean: stole from various parts of the internet) a few random questions that I’d like to ask other people too. Even though I prefer to keep this whole shindig anonymous, I feel like anyone who knows me will instantly recognize this blog as my work. I’ve opened myself up to this blog in ways I never do in the real world; anonymity is my security blanket. However, I do enjoy sharing bits and pieces of myself, and I genuinely enjoyed answering these questions. So, without further ado:

Do you remember your dreams?

I do remember quite a few of my dreams. A few of my dreams are recurring, so by the third or fourth time I can predict what’s going to happen whilst I’m in the dream. Most of the recurring dreams are quite scary, sadly, but they lose their edge after a few times. I channel those dreams into stories sometimes.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in like at first sight and lust at first sight. I think love is too complicated a concept to happen in an instant. I prefer love to grow and mature until I can trust it to last.

Do you sing in the shower?

I don’t! I’m usually concentrating on getting as clean as possible without wasting time or water. I do sing when I’m alone in my room, though. I also hum at inappropriate times.

How many rings before you answer the phone?

As few as possible. I get very nervous if my phone starts ringing and I can’t pick it up straight away. This is compounded by the fact that I always have to choose the funniest, weirdest ringtones and message tones. I enjoy them when I’m alone but I can’t let my phone ring for too long in public. This is why my phone is on silent most of the time.

Do you like to dance?

I am extremely uncomfortable dancing in front of people, so- no. I’m very ungainly and clumsy with the lower half of my body. I used to have friends who loved dancing, and when we went out I used to sit at the table watching over all the purses and wallets while they danced. My version of dancing is shimmying my shoulders and tapping my feet to ‘Uptown Funk’ or ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ while being inevitably seated.

Do you take shampoos and conditioners from hotels?

Nope. They never have good stuff anyway. The shampoos especially dry my hair out like nobody’s business. I’ll tell you what I do steal- sewing kits. They’re compact and useful.

If you had treasure, where would you hide it?

Probably somewhere in plain sight. People never look at the extremely obvious or forgettable places. For example, if Voldemort had chosen less conspicuous objects for his Horcruxes, Dumbledore and the trio wouldn’t have stood a chance. Anyway, I could never plan anything even mildly contrived.

What profession did you want to be as a kid?

A fashion designer, a makeup artist, an English teacher, an art historian, a veterinarian, a doctor.

What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

I once drank a liter of Long Island Iced Tea in one swig as a bet. It was very, very strong. I don’t remember much of what happened later.

If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be?

Clear water beads. Can you imagine?


Is there any specific question that I should answer next time?