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Totally non-scientific Theory Tuesday: Hunger Proportionality

I’ve tried dieting many times in my life. While different diets have various levels of efficacy and difficulty, most diets do include some aspect of eating lesser (or at least not stuffing yourself every time you feel like it).

Which means, when I’m on a diet, I need to make very sure that I eat something every time I get a little hungry, because god help my calorie intake if I delay.


Like this, but imagine the pizza finished.

So this is my Totally non-scientific Theory for this Tuesday: The amount that you’re physically capable of eating is directly proportional to how long you’ve stayed hungry. Mostly in the form of pizza.



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Comic Strip Saturday: Healthy Fruits

Since I’ve been studying so much, I’ve not really been focussing on being healthy. The stereotypes of college students subsisting on ramen and coffee ring painfully true for this poor semi – doctor. This has opened the floodgates of well-intentioned friends and relatives giving me unsolicited advice on eating healthier and exercising more and generally being “healthier” (read: ‘thinner’).

I’ve exhausted all my sarcasm and patience trying to explain to them exactly how much I don’t care for their advice, so I will now turn to my favourite cartoon cat.



I’ve posted about my love of food and laziness many times before, but for the real king of food and laziness, you should go here.

Happy Saturday!

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Monsoons in Mumbai: There is no other heaven.

I always read about how ‘it was a lovely, sunny day’ and ‘her smile was as sunny as a summer afternoon’ like sunny is somehow equal to happiness. I can see why people from temperate countries find the sun something to be happy about. Sometimes, as is the traditional Indian way, people from here like using the phrase too just because Westerners use it. I promise you, however, in India –especially for me– happiness is an overcast sky, lots of wind, and rain.

Marine Drive when it’s heaven


I have always found extreme heat more intolerable than extreme cold. I know some of my friends disagree, but especially after my time in Kota, me and my extremely photosensitive skin try and stay away from direct sunlight. You can imagine then, the monsoon season is an absolute godsend for me.

How could I not love it? Harsh, sweltering days where you can’t escape sweat even in the shower are replaced by bright grey mornings and windy afternoons. The usually brown and dry Sahyadri mountains (while beautiful even then) are transformed into a million shades of green that will take your breath away. The sky is dynamic, changing from clear to cloudy in seconds. A mild drizzle could change into a thunderous cloudburst in seconds, and it feels like it will never end but then vanishes instantly like it never happened.

Sahyadri when it’s heaven


Oh, and the food! Anyone who hasn’t had kanda bhaji and chai in the rain is missing something in life. Or bhutta with lemon and chilli, standing under an umbrella, bought from a gadi wala on the street corner.

I know, I know, I’m lucky that I live in a hostel five minutes away from my place of study and work. I don’t have to commute, and commuting in the monsoon is not fun because every train is always late. However, I counter with this- commuting in the summer is even less fun. You’re drenched in sweat till you reach your destination, and it’s not always just your own sweat. I will say no more.