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The Original Marky Mark. ( ie: My First Literary Crush)

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
A happy man was he.
With Julius as his buddy.
He worked with honesty.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
Then Brutus went too far.
And so Mark cried and then he lied.
Let slip the dogs of war.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He stood and hatched a plan.
Looked to the crowd and said aloud
“And he is an honourable man.”

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He won at Phillipi.
With Augustus and Ledipus,
He ruled from o’er high.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He fell in love at once.
They called her Queen of Egypt,
Whore to the Romans.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
He was so full of sass.
And then he fought, power he sought
Kicked out Ledipus’ ass.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
His wife was still in Rome.
She told her bro, “How sad I grow!”
“Marky’s never at home.”

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He caught Octavius’ ire,
He saw the armies marching in,
Felt the fat in the fire.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
Such a great man was he.
His friend was killed for ambition.
And so was Antony.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
Murdered by his own hand.
There was never any better
Dictator on this land.




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7 thoughts on “The Original Marky Mark. ( ie: My First Literary Crush)

  1. I think Mark Antony was my first literary crush too! When my big sister was about 14, she got to play him in her school’s performance of Julius Caesar. I helped her learn her lines, sitting with the text while she, wrapped in a bed-sheet (toga), proclaimed. She must have done that pretty well, because I became obsessed with both Shakespeare and Ancient Rome – particularly Marky Mark.

      1. When I was at high school I read an article in an English magazine – Twelve Men Every Woman Should Know. All fictional, of course. I’m not sure if I can remember them all now, but Rhett Butler was sure to have been there. D’Artagnan wasn’t.

      2. I think now that a 12 year old me wanted to be Rhett Butler rather than be with him. It was the aspect of flourishing in adverse circumstances that I liked. That also explains my crush on Marky. I don’t know why D’Artagnan wasn’t on the list. He totally deserves to be there!

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