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Comic Strip Saturday: Making Wishes.

Cyanide and Happiness continues to keep it real. I admit it, I’ve imagined this scenario many a times, and it always ends with me getting infinite wishes. Oh if only something like that existed. I would misuse it shamelessly.


Happy Saturday!

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The Original Marky Mark. ( ie: My First Literary Crush)

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
A happy man was he.
With Julius as his buddy.
He worked with honesty.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
Then Brutus went too far.
And so Mark cried and then he lied.
Let slip the dogs of war.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He stood and hatched a plan.
Looked to the crowd and said aloud
“And he is an honourable man.”

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He won at Phillipi.
With Augustus and Ledipus,
He ruled from o’er high.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He fell in love at once.
They called her Queen of Egypt,
Whore to the Romans.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
He was so full of sass.
And then he fought, power he sought
Kicked out Ledipus’ ass.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
His wife was still in Rome.
She told her bro, “How sad I grow!”
“Marky’s never at home.”

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
He caught Octavius’ ire,
He saw the armies marching in,
Felt the fat in the fire.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony
Such a great man was he.
His friend was killed for ambition.
And so was Antony.

Mark Antony, Mark Antony,
Murdered by his own hand.
There was never any better
Dictator on this land.


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Happy Days Are Here Again!

Welcome to my annual monsoon blog post. I’m a bit late this year, but then the rains were a bit late this year.

It’s been raining continuously for a week. The air is clear, the temperatures are lower, and the wind smells clean again. The perpetual haze of smoke that Mumbaiites take for granted has washed away, and every colour is brighter. There are a million shades of green right outside my window. The bright neons, the khakis, the verdant greens and the mosses.

I travel between Pune and Mumbai a lot, and train journeys are a joy in the monsoon. The wind on my face much softer, much cooler, much less dusty. The deep, green smell of the air inside a forest in the monsoon has become a part of my soul.

I took a couple of pictures on my last journey, but obviously pictures cannot truly show what the eye sees. Mind you, these are not edited at all, except maybe for some cheeky cropping. I was in a moving train, so was constrained as to angles and time.







Sadly, I can’t eat bhutta this year. I have braces. But I can, and will, eat all the kanda bhajis and drink all the chai that I can, nestling my umbrella between my neck and shoulder, on the side of the road, plate in hand. I can, and will, go to Marine Drive, and watch the grey Arabian Sea broil and thrash against the rocks. I will once again be in awe of thunder and lightning. I will try to paint the way the stormy sea reflects the stormy sky, either with words or brushes, and I will fail.

And I will be grateful for this monsoon.


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Comic Strip Saturday: Growing Older

I recently helped out a few juniors in college with an event they were organising. One of the things required of me was to travel in a car full of 17 year olds for about 15 mins. By the time I got out, I was surprised to see that my hair hadn’t​ turned grey in the meantime.


OwlTurd has been a joy for this 22 year OLD. Check it out at

Happy Saturday!

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Dog Memes.

I have noticed that a day does not go by without an argument with someone. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve become more quarrelsome, or because my friends have become more passionate about politics.

A year ago, me stating a political opinion would have gathered rolled eyes and yawns; today, there is always a counter opinion.

I must say, I quite enjoy this development. I am always in need of a fresher, broader perspective and it’s always welcome from a friend. However, arguments about religion and politics always leave me stressed out and in need of decompression.

That is probably why I have taken to collecting dog memes on my phone. They always brighten up my day and I hope they will yours too.



















Have you noticed an increase in argumentative-ness lately?