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I met you again today

At our table at the same old place;

I tasted just a trace of what

I used to love about your face.

Your eyes, they crinkled

Your sly smile beamed at me

I held my breath, prepared,

Against the brute force of memory.

I waited for sadness

To fill my mind and my heart.

I waited for longing and pain

To fill the time we spent apart.

The sunlight changed.

It became a rose-tinted hue,

As if greeting an old friend,

I greeted nostalgia and you.

We had had the past.

It lingered there in the air.

I smelled it in your coffee cup.

‘Twas tousled there in your hair.

It didn’t bother me.

I wasn’t sad or bereft.

I’d grown my soaring wings

.To fill up the space you left.

My soul has changed.

I’ve built upon the ashes

Which you gave the fuel for

But I provided the matches.

We’d both moved on.

On our own separate paths.

You’re content and happy.

And I’m not a part of that.

I get up to leave.

We shake hands again.

Laughing at the difference ‘tween

As it is now and as it was then.

We won’t meet again.

Neither of us wants to.

Sometimes reunion tales

Are actually too good to be true.




Appreciator of all things beautiful. Procrastinator At Large. Lover of animals. 23. Simultaneously too young and too old for her age.

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