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Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones Part 2

I’ve already done a Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones, but I still need to do one more, because usually, we get another season around this time. This year, not only are we getting our fix late, we’re also getting lesser. (sob)

FoxTrot Classic - ft160724comb_hs.tif


If you feel like I do, read more Foxtrot here, here and here.



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5 thoughts on “Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones Part 2

      1. I thought I would hate GoT when I first heard about it, but I like it. I’ve read all the books to date, but I think he took a major risk in splitting the storyline in the middle of the series. The middle is where you’re meant to pull everything together, not push it apart. The adapters for TV have done a great job, though I’ve noticed they’re increasingly diverging (Sp?) from the books as time goes on.

      2. I stopped reading halfway into the fourth book. I couldn’t juggle the TV storylines and book storylines together. I completely agree that he’s taken a risk with the story. Maybe that’s why it’s taking him so long to write ‘Winds of Winter’. I read somewhere that he’s told the producers how the story ends so that they can make the TV show even if he dies.

      3. Yes, I’d heard that about him telling the TV producers of how the story ends, too.
        After the fourth book (A Feast for Crows) his next book (A Dance with Dragons) really counts as fourth equal because its story also leads on from the third book and runs parallel with A Feast. My first reaction was, He’s lost the plot. Literally. But then I thought, OK, just go with the flow and see how he pulls these two parallel stories back together. But like you said, it’s taking a while.

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