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Comic Strip Saturday: Pranks and Teasing People

I sometimes get into moods where I thoroughly enjoy mildly annoying people. Nothing too big, just sneaking up on them, drawing butterflies on their face while they’re sleeping, taking hair pins out, generally behaving like I’m an 8 year old boy. It’s fun, you should try it.

Which is why it gave me enormous joy to include these in my Comic Strip Saturday.






Please go check out more lazy cat goodness here.

Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Healthy Fruits

Since I’ve been studying so much, I’ve not really been focussing on being healthy. The stereotypes of college students subsisting on ramen and coffee ring painfully true for this poor semi – doctor. This has opened the floodgates of well-intentioned friends and relatives giving me unsolicited advice on eating healthier and exercising more and generally being “healthier” (read: ‘thinner’).

I’ve exhausted all my sarcasm and patience trying to explain to them exactly how much I don’t care for their advice, so I will now turn to my favourite cartoon cat.



I’ve posted about my love of food and laziness many times before, but for the real king of food and laziness, you should go here.

Happy Saturday!