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Comic Strip Saturday: Smiling at people.

I’m a very smiley person. I regularly smile at passersby -hopefully not in a creepy way- and sometimes people smile back. It’s just a nice way of making your day, and sometimes someone else’s day, just a little bit happier. I’ve never understood those people who walk on the pavement like they’re wading through enemy territory.

I might be a dog in human form.





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Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Interactive Voice Response

I’ve had to deal with a lot of IVRs in my life. We all have to. It’s one of the modern age plagues; equal to locusts and lice in ‘inconvenience’ and a lot more difficult to get rid of.

They should take Rat’s advice and just tell us that they’re playing with our minds. Everyone would save so much time.


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Comic Strip Saturday: Shopping!

My mother and I have always shopped together. As I’ve grown older, her tastes have influenced mine and my tastes have influenced hers. We’ve mastered the art of buying just the things we want without falling for gimmicks. Sometimes, though, we keep some time just for window shopping and impulse buying.

Notice that, in all of this, my dad is nowhere in the picture? He hates shopping, so we tell him to sit and watch TV at home. If he does have to accompany us sometimes, he sits in a corner of the shop, checking his emails and glowering at any sales assistant that dares to come near.

FoxTrot Classic - ft160626comb_hs.tif



I suppose he prefers that to what Roger has to go through..

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