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Totally Non-Scientific Theory Tuesday: Efficiency is Directly Proportional to Urgency

All students will attest to the fact that it is much easier to get things done when you’re desperate.

As an example, I had two weeks to prepare for yesterday’s Community Medicine test. I was so determined to do well that I began my preparations at full speed the day the test was announced. That speed fizzled out rapidly and completely in a day. Two weeks is a long time, I told myself. I have so much time to study; I don’t need to push myself.

Before I knew it, it was Saturday. The test was two days away. I’d accomplished about 10% of what I needed to do for the test in fourteen days. I got done with the rest of the 90% in two.

So this is my Totally Non- Scientific Theory for this Tuesday: Efficiency is directly proportional to urgency, because somewhere in the back of your mind, you know you can get away with a little bit of procrastination, even if you shouldn’t. You know that adrenaline and the caffeine molecule are responsible for all the good that you’ve ever accomplished in your life.



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