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Totally non-scientific Theory Tuesday: I told you so.

The righter you are about something, the harder it is to say “I told you so.”

Take, for example, my best friend. I love her to bits, and I know she’d do anything for me, except actually take my advice. She was dating a d*****bag (who I warned her about the day they started dating). After two years with him, she rebounded by beginning a long distance relationship with an ex (oh no). She rebounded on him by having a very brief fling with her other friend’s on-and-off boyfriend, (while it was off, obviously, but still no no nO DON’T DO THAT SWEETIE DON’T DO THAT!) I must have said “Please don’t do that you’re going to regret it very quickly” in all the variations of the English, Marathi and Hindi languages.


Every time I turn out to be right, I never want to gloat. Because my caring, generous, brilliant friend has had her heart broken. She’s so accomplished professionally that she just got a PhD scholarship to study in one of the world’s top research facilities, at the age of 22. She’s so put together that she’s living alone in a strange country to do her MRes, and thriving. Personally, however, she really needs to listen to me more.

Because this is my Totally non-scientific Theory for this Tuesday: The righter you are, the harder it is to say I told you so.



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