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I don’t know bout you… but I’m feeling 22.

It’s very strange being 22.

A few of my friends have started their own businesses. They work hard, even though they pay themselves. They have meetings with bankers, sponsors, clients and vendors, and still hold their own.

A few of my friends graduated from colleges this year. They have absolutely no idea what to do in life, and are whiling time and their parents’ money away on movies, outings and recreation till their parents find them a job and tell them to settle down.

A few of my friends are engaged. One even got married and is now pregnant with twins, I hear.

Here I am, feeling grown up but absolutely not ready for the responsibility of someone else’s life, professionally or personally. I’m not sure that I can handle my own life, honestly.

A new batch of juniors joined last week. I saw them looking at me the same way I looked at my super duper seniors in first year. It’s very disconcerting to know that the people I was awed by and feared at 18 must have felt like this at 22.

It’s rather nice to be reminded that the people you think have their shit together may not. Maybe someone thinks I have my shit together. Who knows?

I was going to post this on my birthday a few days back, but life got in the way. I truly don’t have my shit together.



Appreciator of all things beautiful. Procrastinator At Large. Lover of animals. 23. Simultaneously too young and too old for her age.

One thought on “I don’t know bout you… but I’m feeling 22.

  1. Interesting. I don’t know that I ever “felt” 22, or any suitable age at the chronological age. From about 12 to 30 I did not grow up a lot socially but my reasoning abilities improved slightly and my knowledge, hugely. Now I am 64 and feel about 30 although my ability to deal with a broken heart has improved wonderfully.

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