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The Dream – Part 2

The Dream – Part 1

“You know, you are unbearably neat.”

Nam was lounging on her bed, staring at her phone while I tidied up my desk. I pouted.

“I just think better when things are perpendicular to each other. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to have clean lines. The air flows better in the room this way.”

Nam stopped Snapchatting to roll her eyes at me. The large window on one side of the room was wide open. The door opposite it was wide open too, for ‘cross-ventilation’. The ceiling fan was on full-tilt, and it wasn’t even the summer. I shrugged my shoulders and continued cleaning. I hated a closed space or a room that was even remotely stuffy. I felt smothered every time I was in a car with the windows up because I felt like I should feel the wind on my face, instead of a solid nothing. Nam knew me too well and too long to argue; she just took a blanket and rolled with it.

I was walking back home. The woods had been stark and cold today. I passed the lane going towards church and continued uphill to where I lived with my brother and his wife. I would be late for dinner, I knew. My sister-in-law would purse her lips ever so slightly when my brother told her to humour me. I gave a great, big sigh. “I am content.” I said to myself.

“Alone is not lonely.”

I couldn’t forget the dream this time.

The Dream – Part 3



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