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A rant about bad driving.

I hate people who drive badly. As in, if you go too slow it’s fine with me. I can just overtake you. But, if you’re driving like you’re in the bloody Grand Prix, prepare to bear my ire.
These idiots think they can just whiz past you and you are just magically supposed to understand that and save your life. I avoided being a gory newspaper article by half an inch today. Half an inch. Whoever that driver was got his life permanently cursed. In fact, if anybody is proficient in voodoo, I request them to exterminate him.

Seriously necessary around here.

There is no way you can control your driving properly if you’re at a high speed. What if a child comes on the road? What about some poor bird? What about ME?!
Please, people. Drive safely. You really don’t want to spend the rest of your life in jail. And you REALLY don’t wanna mess with my voodoo.

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4 thoughts on “A rant about bad driving.

  1. I can see your point- which is why I hate driving when I come to India. It’s such a nightmare! Not that UK is a lot better, you still get the occasional rash driver, but on the whole it’s a hell lot better. And I don’t have to be scared of surviving a 20 min journey. 🙂
    And the sign is so needed! Although I think there would have to be a dozen snipers placed on a road….

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