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The 6 types of internet laughs.

Without further ado.

1.) The WTF Laugh: You’re not actually laughing. In fact, you’re not even smiling. What you are doing is mentally cackling insanely that anyone could expect you to laugh at such poor work.

2.) The LOL Laugh: You may think of smiling. Hence, you immediately convey the idea that you had Lots Of Laughs.

3.) The Smile: Oh my God! Something on the net made you smile! Rejoice!

4.) The ROTFL Laugh: Also called the LMAO. What you saw made you chuckle. Being the king/queen of exaggeration that you are, you say Rolling On The Floor Laughing, or Laughing My Ass Off. On a side note, how exactly are you supposed to get rid of your backside by laughing? If you do know, tell it to me. I will patent the process, open a gym, and make millions.

5.) The XD: You were laughing. In fact, you’re so busy laughing that you only have time to type two letters. The great honour of the scrunched up laughing face.

6.) The ROTFL LMAO LOL LOL XD XD XD: You laughed so much you almost peed in your pants. You quickly downloaded it and sent it to all your contacts with the title: ‘Drop everything you’re doing and see this! SO FUNNY!! XD!’. You cannot be satisfied by flinging two capital letters at this rare piece of comic brilliance. So you type all the abbreviations and smiley faces you can. Without any punctuation, I might add.

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