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10 extra important things about my fantasyland.

Everyone has their own utopia. General characteristics of these worlds are mainly: absolute happiness, joy, and lots and lots of rainbows and unicorns. Also important, the person who is dreaming of this utopia is absolutely perfect and flawless in it, with whatever body/face/hair/intellect/internal ear structure/friends they think is ideal.
My version of fantasyland has all of these things. But there are a few more specific things I won’t compromise about.

1.) No one is allowed to even think in a grammatically/phonetically incorrect language, whatever your language may be.

2.) Justin Beiber does not exist. (No offense!)

3.) Elections are won by the person who looks best in a tutu. (Seriously, the chances of actually getting a good person for the job will be better this way.)

4.) The weather will be perfectly nice everyday.

5.) All cats and dogs will automatically love me. In fact,…

6.) Everybody will automatically love me.

7.) My room will periodically clean itself.

8.) There will be a device which permanently stores every useful thing in your head while you’re sleeping.

9.) Every person in the world will have a voice in a reasonable pitch. That is, no one will sound like a cackling hen. Except, um, a cackling hen.

10.) All men will talk in a perfect British accent and wear tailored suits ALL. THE. TIME. *cough* Benedict Cumberbatch *cough*

Please feel free to add your own thoughts. My fantasyland permits freedom of speech. Although, if you are a male, do try to type in a British accent.

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2 thoughts on “10 extra important things about my fantasyland.

    1. Okay, maybe the last rule could be modified for singers.
      Also have you seen how Adam Levine looks in a suit? So cool. And Federer. And BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! Sigh. *goes right back to daydreaming when she should be studying.*

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