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How many times do you watch/read a movie/book you loved?

Y’all, I have a habit of reading the same books over and over again. And I like it. That’s why I haven’t listed it in this post of mine. Similarly, I can watch movies that I like over and over again. For the first gazillion times, I will want to watch every second/read every line in the movie/book. But after that, I’ll just skip to my favourite part.
Honestly, my Austen collection is so well worn now if you open a book randomly it will automatically open at my favourite parts. Old bindings have a long, painstakingly made memory.

No, this is not my Jane Austen book. This is just a random tattered book I found on Google.

Again, I have subconsciously memorised the exact place in the progress line on the screen at which I have to click to watch my favourite scenes from my favourite movies (Love Actually, I’m looking at you.)

Do you do anything like this? Actually, does anyone obsessively watch/read the same thing over and over again? Isn’t it awesome when your book bindings are so well worn that they seem to cater to you now? 😀

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