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Totally non-scientific theory Tuesday: Your teeth look yellower when you’re brushing.

I have noticed this for quite some time now. And by quite some time I mean a few years, at least. When I’m brushing my teeth, they invariably look more yellow than normal. Some days they can even look ochre, which is really scary, I can tell you.
Maybe it’s the contrast between the white foam and my white-but-not-that-white teeth. Maybe brushing just focuses my mind on my dental problems. Whatever it is, I had to teach myself not to doubt the toothpaste, the toothbrush, the mirror, and my dentist before I could brush in peace.
I don’t think anybody else I know has this problem. But then, dental hallucinations are not really the hot topic of the day, so maybe they do.

P.S. I tried to find a stock photo on Google Images for people brushing their teeth, and most of them are really pretty women with white, perfect teeth and gorgeous smiles. So clearly, I am alone on this.



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