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Things I hate doing over and over again but have to.

Does anybody celebrate Groundhog Day? 6 weeks more of winter will be more than welcome to me here, but I associate this day with the movie more. Therefore, to kinda celebrate Groundhog Day, things I have to do over again but don’t want to:

1.) First things first. I am in Kota now because I’m taking a gap year to study for my pre-meds. Ideally I should have gotten through last year. So this.

2.) Studying about pollution. I have been taught the same things about air, water and land pollution since 5th grade. I absolutely understand the importance of focusing on it year after year, but can’t you make it even a little bit more interesting?

3.) Telling people that I didn’t get specs by watching too much TV. Really people, stop. You bore me. Be original.

4.) Exercising. Why can’t I do it once and instantly be thin and fit?

5.) Telling people that it’s ‘anyway’ not ‘anyways’. I actually have a plan for this. I will only vote for the candidate who promises to eradicate grammar mistakes in his term.

So this is my list. What’s yours?



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