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Warning: I will be looking like Oscar the Grouch for the next month.

I have noticed something strange about this self-announced city in which I live. The beauty salons have tolerable names. They have genuinely expensive products lining their windows. Their prices are MORE than market level. But I just can’t stop myself from breathing a sigh of relief after I escape not looking like the Queen of Hearts.
Ambience plays a big role, you know. And of course, the beauty professionals must look like they know how to make people, including themselves, look good. And maybe this is just a prejudice of mine, but I cannot believe that men know anything about threading eyebrows. So please keep your hands away from my face. What’s that you say? You’re a trained professional? Nope, sorry, I would rather look like a wild animal for a month more till I get home and go near more convincingly professional people.
Hence, a fair warning. If you see a creature like this

around you for the next month, do not panic. It’s just me.



Appreciator of all things beautiful. Procrastinator At Large. Lover of animals. 23. Simultaneously too young and too old for her age.

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