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Totally non-scientific theory Tuesday: Time goes slower if you check your watch every two seconds.


There are lectures where I want to desperately get up and shake the professor a bit hard to get him to be less soporific, or, in extreme cases, tell the person sitting next to me to shoot me NOW. Today was the worst one I have ever experienced.
A new professor starts teaching us physical chemistry from today, so I was pretty excited. Plus, his lecture was scheduled to be our first, early in the morning.
He came, we saw, we dropped asleep. Or I tried to. But I was sitting right in front of him. There was NO way I could actually sleep. I envied every other person their freedom to doze off, and I swear, I must have checked my watch at least 500 times in those two hours.


At first, I rejoiced over every 6 degrees that my minute hand moved (for non-nerdy people, the minute hand moves 6 degrees in a minute), but after a while, I started checking whether my watch was working properly. How could the lecture go on so completely, monotonously, really, really LONG?! I checked around to see if anybody else felt the way I did, but of course, no one responded, because they were all sleeping.



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