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Amun the Frog and The Zillion Dogs

The other day I read the poem ‘The Frog and The Nightingale’ by Vikram Seth. It has got the cutest rhythm to it, and a satisfyingly hidden moral. But today, I was feeling extremely silly and definitely not in the mood for any kind of moral, so I just took the first line and made my own poem. Because sometimes, you need a little silliness, no?

Btw, please bear in mind that I did this while I was sitting at the back of my physics class, because if you’re not in the mood for even a small moral, you’re definitely not in the mood for electromagnetism. So forgive the uneven length of the paragraphs and the crassy stretches here and there, will ya?

Amun the Frog and The Zillion Dogs

Once upon a time, a frog
Croaked away in Bingle Bog.
He lived his life upon a log,
In the midst of a blue-green fog.

Serving his Queen, Her Frogness, “A dog!”
She cried one day; the frog,
All agog, asked, “My Queen, a dog?”
“Yes, for a pet, my own, you frog,
To serve me here in Bingle Bog.”

“A dog! Which one?” “Which one?!”
Said the Queen, “Every dog under the sun!”
“But ma’am, there’re a million!
A billion! A trillion! A zillion!”
“You’ll do this for your Queen, Amun,
Now don’t just stand there! Jump! Run!”

Away ran the frog, in a blink and a look,
With his slave, Duc the fish-hook,
He talked to dogs in every corner and nook,
To see if they’d come with him and Duc.

“Never!” said Snoopy, Pluto said, “No!”
Buster sneered, “Away you go!”
Here and there, and high and low,
Poor Amun searched for a friendly “Hullo!”

He came back; hurt, dejected and sad,
Dreading that his Queen would be mad,
“I’m sorry, there’s no dog to be had!”
The Queen sniffed and huffed, “I’m glad!”

“When you’d gone far and away,
I heard a pesky mongrel say,
‘Her Majesty is ugly!’ Oh! Nay!
I never want a dog!” The happy frog,
In Bingle Bog, croaked away.



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