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The 6 types of internet laughs.

Without further ado.

1.) The WTF Laugh: You’re not actually laughing. In fact, you’re not even smiling. What you are doing is mentally cackling insanely that anyone could expect you to laugh at such poor work.

2.) The LOL Laugh: You may think of smiling. Hence, you immediately convey the idea that you had Lots Of Laughs.

3.) The Smile: Oh my God! Something on the net made you smile! Rejoice!

4.) The ROTFL Laugh: Also called the LMAO. What you saw made you chuckle. Being the king/queen of exaggeration that you are, you say Rolling On The Floor Laughing, or Laughing My Ass Off. On a side note, how exactly are you supposed to get rid of your backside by laughing? If you do know, tell it to me. I will patent the process, open a gym, and make millions.

5.) The XD: You were laughing. In fact, you’re so busy laughing that you only have time to type two letters. The great honour of the scrunched up laughing face.

6.) The ROTFL LMAO LOL LOL XD XD XD: You laughed so much you almost peed in your pants. You quickly downloaded it and sent it to all your contacts with the title: ‘Drop everything you’re doing and see this! SO FUNNY!! XD!’. You cannot be satisfied by flinging two capital letters at this rare piece of comic brilliance. So you type all the abbreviations and smiley faces you can. Without any punctuation, I might add.

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If only exercise was like this.

I have a HUGE test coming up, so the next few posts are probably going to be just comic strips. I wish I had the time to write something good. And, of course, the capability.
Till then, a Garfield strip which hit me in the feels…


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Totally non-scientific theory Tuesday: You can smell food when you’re hungry.

I have had pretty regular mealtimes all my life, basically because of school. Even when I changed schools the breaks more or less coincided. But here it’s agony.
Not that their break times are so out of the ordinary. It’s just that we may or may not always get enough time to eat in them. The professors think nothing of taking an extra ten minutes and giving us exactly five clock minutes as a break at 9 in the morning. Which means that by 12, my stomach is calling me stuff that would make a sailor blush. And I am just slightly toning it down as I think of the professor in my mind.
This horrible situation is made even worse by the absolutely delicious smells that pervade the classroom at that time.

They should distribute this in class. Productivity will be up by atleast 80%.

I’m sure somebody around me just opened a bag of popcorn. Or potato chips. Oh my god, I’m dying here, I don’t care if I don’t know that person, I’m going to just go there and beg for one. Or two. Or twelve. I turn around. The geeks around me are all fixated on the blackboard. Who the hell is eating that delicious food when I’m starving? I look sideways. Everyone is either writing or listening. I turn to my best friend who sits beside me.
“Who’s eating popcorn?”
“Can’t you smell it? Somebody’s eating popcorn! Do you think I should ask for some?”
“I can’t smell anything! Seriously, do you think somebody could actually eat something in this class without getting thrown out? Now stop twisting and turning and stop talking to me! If the professor spots you, you’re in big trouble.”
I bury my head in my notebook. Wait, can’t anybody else smell it? AM I IMAGINING THINGS? My stomach pouts at me. I will myself through the next hour, thinking of pizza and chips and popcorn. If the professor asks me a question there is no way I would be able to even tell what topic we’re on.

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No regrets. Oh, Haha.

True, I haven’t had much of a life yet. I’m just 18, and completely normal. I wasn’t a victim of child labour, or an earthquake, or anything. So you could say I don’t really have enough experience to have a philosophy yet. I agree with you. But does that stop anybody from having philosophies?
My bad experiences have mostly been embarrassments, rather than wanton cruelty. Sure, there have been lots and lots of times in my life, especially the last few years, where people close to me have been incredibly toxic. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the small things.
I remember small experiences from as back as twelve years ago about which I still cringe. About some of them, I think, okay, I was a child, I had no idea what I was doing, it’s fine, I know better now. And then I don’t feel so bad about it. But the other ones, where I should have behaved better even as I was then, those are the worst.


Silly things that I said, ridiculous replies that I gave, how I looked, how I behaved, these things regularly poke me. They seem very minor to be worrying about when there are so many major things, but I do worry about them right along with the major ones. In fact, I have a sneaky feeling that these minor things mean a lot more to me than some major things.
For example, I would give anything right now to get the chance to go back to 4th grade and stop my then-self from saying “Shame on you!” to my co-monitor when he didn’t know the names of all our classmates. Yes, I worry about that, and yes, I was that bossy. No judgements.
There is no point in me trying to tell myself to stop taking myself so seriously and cease obsessing. Because that’s who I am. How I behave and how others perceive me matters to me. Somehow, I am much more bothered about being socially competent at all times than I am about how to lose those pounds that I need to.
Yes, I do have fun, and lots of it, and I also worry about the right things, the important things. But these small things bug me too. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done anything major to regret yet. Touch wood.

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