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My unconquerable obsession with food.

I am a total foodie. And till about three months back, I didn’t know. The fact is, my entire family is composed of foodies, and, since I was always on the less extreme foodie-ness part of the family, I always thought I was on par with the world in general. As it turns out, not.


Three months ago I came to stay in this city 760 km away from home. As it goes, I settled down pretty quickly; home sickness wasn’t that bothering. I liked the freedom, I liked what I was doing, and I was fairly good at it. Fast forward a month, and small bumps started appearing.
I live in a joint family, and my aunt is an AH-MAZING cook. Seriously. Like, she could win a contest. So, that’s why, I was used to a wide variety of absolutely delicious foods. What’s more, I am fond of tinkering in the kitchen myself. So the ubiquitoes-ness of potatoes started to disturb me. As did the utter lack of half-decent restaraunts. I mean, hey, I’m not asking for Crepes Suzette here. Dominoes and Subway should not be my only culinary choices.


Then I realised, my foodie-ness is not just related to eating or drinking. The lack of TV here (yes, it’s true, no TV here at all) hadn’t bothered me before, but now it started too. Not because of Gossip Girl or How I Met Your Mother, (I have never watched either of them, though I hear they’re good) but because MasterChef Australia started their new season. And I had no access to a damn TV. And I miss Nigella (oh, Nigella!). And the  Jamie Oliver DVDs I watched whenever I wanted to cook something vegetable-y.
So there you are, I have summarily confessed that I am a food geek. And I will confess further that I have discovered myself to be foodie comfort seeker too. So there go my hopes of getting a Gisele-like bod by next year. Sigh.



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