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Cats. Period.

Of all the animals domesticated by man, I think cats were the only ones who chose to be domesticated, rather than that they were made to be. Cats are naturally the laziest of animals, they can even be lazier than me, and that’s saying something. And they consider their existence to be for the sole purpose of getting pampered, petted, and served by brainwashed humans.
The necessary brainwashing, as a process, is laughably easy for a cat.


This, for example, is my own darling kitten. One has to but look into those eyes to pledge lifelong servitude. Cats don’t play fetch, they don’t wag their tails, and they definitely don’t consider you to be the centre of their universe. They consider these things beneath them. But they do have their own way of showing their love and trust in you, contrary to popular opinion.
I have nothing against dogs, mind you, in fact, I have four of them, and love them all to bits. But there is something about cats that makes even the proudest of us behave like blithering idiots to please them.
Maybe it’s good for us to have someone to serve. It makes you humble, at times. Atleast it gives your friends an irresistable chance to laugh at you behind your back. 🙂

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