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No, watching the movie does not save time.

I have always been astounded that the siblinghood of voracious readers does not include every human on the earth. And some dogs.
And I cannot fathom how to make people understand that I don’t read just for the story. I introduced a friend of mine (who hates reading, btw) to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. That book, I’ve read probably a billion times by now, and I can almost recite it loud by heart. This pitiful friend looked up the story on Wikipedia, and then told me that was that.
I swear, I felt like crying. You cannot do this to Jane Austen. That woman is an ocean of sarcasm, irony, wit and humour. You cannot just disregard the joys of language, and assume that if you know that Elizabeth Bennet finally does marry Mr. Darcy, that is the total amount of joy you’re going to get out of the book. These people don’t know what they’re missing.
I’m still licking my wounds. I console myself with thinking that there are others who understand what I’m going through.

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Scientists suffered total meltdowns? They’re very affected by the rising CO2 levels, it seems.


If you’d visited Antarctica 50 million years ago, you could have lounged beneath swaying palm trees and enjoyed balmy 68-degree weather.

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This isn’t going anywhere. As long as countries in the UNSC think about themselves, the UN will probably do nothing except scold Syria like an indulgent governess. China and Russia will always veto any definite strategy.

This Just In

A U.N. General Assembly resolution approved Friday stresses “grave concern” over the deteriorating conflict in Syria and slams the government for its actions and the Security Council for its “failure” to counter the crisis.

The assembly adopted the Saudi-sponsored resolution 133-12 with 31 abstentions. It comes a day after Kofi Annan announced his resignation as the U.N. and Arab League special envoy to Syria. He championed a six-point peace plan that has failed to take hold.

The resolution notes “human rights abuses by armed opposition groups” and condemns “all violence, irrespective of where it comes from, including terrorist acts.” But most of its ire is reserved for Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding, unlike Security Council resolutions.  But diplomats at the General Assembly strongly upbraided the Security Council for failing to deal with the issue. Russia and China vetoed tough Security Council resolutions against Syria earlier…

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The futility of misplaced zeal.

I am currently studying for my pre-meds in a city in Rajasthan filled with students. Kota, (that’s the name), is almost theatrically reigned by coaching class-empirists, that venerable group of businessmen who recognised India’s desperation for education early and consequently made a staggering amount of money very quickly.
It is divided into areas, as any city generally is, but what’s remarkable is that each area has been, by tacit and silent agreement, almost assigned to a particular coaching class, probably to avoid a Gangs of New York like scenario, which would have most definitely ensued, when everyone concerned should have been studying. Like the centre of its own private universe, each coaching campus rises in the middle of its self-designated area, while galaxies of hostels whorl around it. There is no demographic variety in Kota, 95% of the population is the students, the rest are probably their teachers. And therefore, there is hardly any variety of landscape. Almost every building that you see is a hostel, the others are schools. Probably the natives of Kota have thrown their caps in the ring, and have converted their houses into hostels, sacrificing individuality to happy prosperity.
An area of about 4 acres undertakes to educate about 50,000 students at one time. At all hours of the day, uniformed students, (of course we have uniforms, the most pathetic excuses for apparel which could be ever conjured up), are to be seen on roads, on foot, in rickshaws, buses and vans, crossing bridges and canals, wearing that ubiquitous leash, their ID card, around their necks. Like insects crawling out of the woodwork, or ants around a piece of sugar, each area is a jungle of students displaying their colours and swearing loyalty to the coaching class of their kingdom. If it weren’t so depressing, it would be awe-inspiring.
I see people everyday forget that they ever had a life, and studying, studying, studying to crank up an admission into a medical college. Very, very few people have thought beyond the elusive admission, beyond the four and a half years which will permit them to put a Dr. before their names. They have been told since childhood that the surest way to happiness is to become either a doctor or an engineer, so they proceed with the formalities immediately, and with great determination. They don’t care about what they are studying, whether they like doing it, whether it is interesting to them, whether they will wake up 20 years from now and regret spending the best years of their lives doing something something they didn’t care for, and not doing something they loved, and would have done much better.

To be fair, these poor souls come from backgrounds where they cannot afford to take risks. They ask only contentment from life, and the fulfillment of their tolerably low expectations. So, maybe I shouldn’t wonder.
And yet, what could happen if they were free to choose! India has a massive young population, and if everybody worked at what he or she loved, and did best, we wouldn’t have half of the problems we are having now.
But this is Utopia, and I live somewhere very far from it. Oh well, it feels good to imagine. And a few good men can change the world.

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Cats. Period.

Of all the animals domesticated by man, I think cats were the only ones who chose to be domesticated, rather than that they were made to be. Cats are naturally the laziest of animals, they can even be lazier than me, and that’s saying something. And they consider their existence to be for the sole purpose of getting pampered, petted, and served by brainwashed humans.
The necessary brainwashing, as a process, is laughably easy for a cat.


This, for example, is my own darling kitten. One has to but look into those eyes to pledge lifelong servitude. Cats don’t play fetch, they don’t wag their tails, and they definitely don’t consider you to be the centre of their universe. They consider these things beneath them. But they do have their own way of showing their love and trust in you, contrary to popular opinion.
I have nothing against dogs, mind you, in fact, I have four of them, and love them all to bits. But there is something about cats that makes even the proudest of us behave like blithering idiots to please them.
Maybe it’s good for us to have someone to serve. It makes you humble, at times. Atleast it gives your friends an irresistable chance to laugh at you behind your back. 🙂

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My first post. Whew!

Okay, so this is my first post of my first blog.
Mostly it’s going to be a commentary on my day-to-day life, with sometimes sarcastic, hopefully witty and always genuine thoughts on the small puzzles and various idiosyncrasies (mostly mine, I’ve found) that I have to deal with everyday.
I also have an ‘About Me’ page, for anyone who would like to know exactly what they’re dealing with here. Please do check it out.
I hope you like my blog! In the unlikely event that you like me enough to regularly want to read what I post, please follow my blog immediately.
Me. 🙂