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I’m sorry. If you were disappointed with the newest season of Sherlock (many people are), then this post is not for you. If I wanted straightforward murder mysteries being solved by people named Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, I would watch Elementary. I don’t, so here we are.


Am I biased because of this face? Of course I’m biased. Look at this face!

I loved how all of the characters in the show grew this season. We got to know John as a human being, Mary as a human being and Sherlock as a human being. The series till now had focussed on Sherlock slowly learning to accept human interaction. This season made John become human by cheating on Mary and their dysfunctional marriage, and Mary be human by running away instead of talking to John. We got to see just why Sherlock is what he is, and the traumatising Redbeard incident that turned a normal, clever, happy child into a high-functioning sociopath. The last brilliant  episode was intensely breathtaking and bittersweet at the same time, a great swan song for a series I’ll  miss dearly.



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Comic Strip Saturday: Pranks and Teasing People

I sometimes get into moods where I thoroughly enjoy mildly annoying people. Nothing too big, just sneaking up on them, drawing butterflies on their face while they’re sleeping, taking hair pins out, generally behaving like I’m an 8 year old boy. It’s fun, you should try it.

Which is why it gave me enormous joy to include these in my Comic Strip Saturday.






Please go check out more lazy cat goodness here.

Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Healthy Fruits

Since I’ve been studying so much, I’ve not really been focussing on being healthy. The stereotypes of college students subsisting on ramen and coffee ring painfully true for this poor semi – doctor. This has opened the floodgates of well-intentioned friends and relatives giving me unsolicited advice on eating healthier and exercising more and generally being “healthier” (read: ‘thinner’).

I’ve exhausted all my sarcasm and patience trying to explain to them exactly how much I don’t care for their advice, so I will now turn to my favourite cartoon cat.



I’ve posted about my love of food and laziness many times before, but for the real king of food and laziness, you should go here.

Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Smiling at people.

I’m a very smiley person. I regularly smile at passersby -hopefully not in a creepy way- and sometimes people smile back. It’s just a nice way of making your day, and sometimes someone else’s day, just a little bit happier. I’ve never understood those people who walk on the pavement like they’re wading through enemy territory.

I might be a dog in human form.





Go check out more of Snoopy’ antics and then come chat with me about dogs, cats and other floofs.

Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Interactive Voice Response

I’ve had to deal with a lot of IVRs in my life. We all have to. It’s one of the modern age plagues; equal to locusts and lice in ‘inconvenience’ and a lot more difficult to get rid of.

They should take Rat’s advice and just tell us that they’re playing with our minds. Everyone would save so much time.


You can, of course, check out more Pearls Before Swine on their Facebook page and on

Happy Saturday!