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Comic Strip Saturday: Game of Thrones!

I’m in real, real GoT withdrawal.

I’ve rewatched all the seasons, watched all of Alt+Shift+X’s videos a thousand times, and read more fan theory articles than I can remember. And I want more.

I’ve decided not to finish reading the book series until I finish the show. I’ve read the first four books in ASOIAF, but I’m going to put a hold on reading the fifth one, because the show and the books are completely different by this point. I don’t want to confuse myself by mixing the both of them.

I just needed to find a comic strip that had something to do with GoT, because by God, I’m getting impatient. The next season doesn’t come out till next summer.

FoxTrot Classic - ft160424comb_hs.tif

Happy Saturday!

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Comic Strip Saturday: Fat Clothes

My fashion sense depends completely on my mood. If I’m feeling good, I make an effort to look good. Otherwise, I don’t really care whether my clothes make me look fat or not if they’re comfortable. I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’m a girl who likes to eat and hates exercising. Pokémon Go notwithstanding.


Happy Saturday!