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Stay. You didn’t last time.
Trust in me and us.
For a moment.

Stay. Look into my eyes.
Let me coax you to come
Closer. Closer.

Stay. Let time pause and
Hold it’s breath, waiting to see
What’ll happen.

Stay. Let your breath hitch
Your pupils dilate, your cheeks flush
With a small sigh.

Stay. This moment will
Slip into the next and leave.
If you let it go.

Stay. Don’t lower your eyes.
Don’t turn your head with just
A memory of warmth.

Stay. There’ll never be again
A moment where we’re immortal
And incomplete.

Stay. Don’t break your heart
We were born to be together.
And reborn again.

Stay. Let your soul decide
Whether it has found its partner.
Not your brain.

Stay. Because if you go
We’ll suffer again and again
Until I make you.


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Sometimes Broken is Beautiful.

I ring the bell and stand anxiously, waiting. This is new. Anxious, at your doorstep. Clinking of bangles. Soft footsteps. Peephole gets darkened for a moment. A latch is unlocked. Door creaks open. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it all seems very sad. The first thing my eyes see is aunty’s broad smile. Somehow […]

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What went wrong?
We had stolen glances and stolen kisses.
Secret dates that went all night long.

What went wrong?
We had surprise flowers and Christmas parties.
The jealousy of an entire ballroom.

What went wrong?
We had moving trucks and swatches of paint.
We painted each other more than the living room.

What went wrong?
We had diamond rings and an expensive white dress.
Both our mothers had tears of joy that day.

What went wrong?
We had new china and a dog from the shelter.
Leo was to be our practice baby.

What went wrong?
We had worn sofa corners and remotes with teeth marks.
And a new, snuggly addition to our bed.

What went wrong?
We had weekly date nights and ‘work stuff’.
We always had more important things to do.

What went wrong?
We had coffee stains on shiny countertops.
Dirty dishes put just beside the sink, not inside.

What went wrong?
We had an unlatched gate and a moment of distraction.
And a poor puppy who didn’t see the car coming.

What went wrong?
We had tears and screams and rolled eyes,
Justification and blame melting together.

What went wrong?
We had coping routines and the incessant sound,
Of trust unremittingly chipping away.

What went wrong?
We had locked phones and ‘Sorry I’m late’,
“I’ll have to stay in the office today.”

What went wrong?
We had excuses that we didn’t have to make.
We both knew what was going on.

What went wrong?
We had couple’s therapy, we had a trial separation.
We had silence, we had defeat.

What went wrong?

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A Rock and a Hard Place



THIS. This is exactly what I want to say.


Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

Recently a writer tweeted a comment in reaction to a female politician’s actions.

Women on Twitter correctly pointed out that in their experiences, as actual women, that particular advice

1. Wrongly shifts the burden onto women
2. Doesn’t do fuck all
3. Often has the opposite effect
4. Could be downright dangerous

Instead of actively listening to thousands of women who were contradicting his (likely well-meaning) advice with their real life experiences, he doubled down, effectively proving #3 above.

I guess women asserting themselves more forcefully only works if it’s not back at him.¹

I don’t think this writer’s advice was overtly malignant or malicious. More than likely it was poorly thought out, badly expressed or even just hasty. Or perhaps he really does hold the naive view that saying “No” more assertively is going to change the world. Heck, we all express ourselves badly on occasion. We all hold…

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She is beauty, she is grace.
She will punch you in the face.

She’s 34″-26″-34″
She’ll spar you till you’re sore.

Loves makeup through and through,
She’s a YouTube beauty guru.

Watch her back, her small waist,
As she beats you in the race.

She’ll raise children beyond reproach,
She’s a teacher, she’s a coach.

Her cooking, best by far
She has three Michelin stars.

She’ll bleed, not just from ‘wherever
When she takes a bullet as a favour.

She is tall, she is short.
She is plump and she’s not.

She’s a wife, she’s a mother
She’s a sister to a brother.

She’s a lover, she’s a friend
Always there to lend a hand.

It’s time that we start speaking
Of how our minds are leaking,
When we talk of any woman
As an object instead of a human.