My thoughts on chivalry

An article I read recently got me thinking. It said India is not ready for feminism because women still like men who bring them flowers, open doors for them, walk on the street side, etc. Chivalry, it said, was against everything feminism stood for.

What do I think of when I hear the word ‘chivalry’?

Gaily bedight, a gallant knight, in sunshine and in sorrow…

Theatrical Middle Century scenes come to mind – a knight in shining armour, brave and good at heart, performing heroic deeds to win the princess’s hand


Any knight worth his salt was called chivalrous when he was honourable, kind, generous, loyal and courteous, as well as gentle with those weaker than him, which included – at the time – women. A little later, it became a code of conduct for gentlemen. A few centuries later, chivalry has evolved into a ritual reserved for first dates and the boss’s wife – opening doors, pulling out chairs, you know the drill.


It’s kind of sad though that we’ve forgotten the emotion behind these little gestures. Chivalry is a way of life; it’s not aimed towards impressing another person.

It’s also kind of sad that chivalry has become a sexist issue. In this day and age, knights may not always be males. Kindness, courtesy, honour and liberality are things every person should have, regardless of gender.

So, for example, if you see a person in greater need of a seat in the train than you, offer them yours. It’s also perfectly okay to open the door for that cute chick, but keep the door open for the old couple coming behind her. If you’re a girl sitting in a women-only seat in the bus, and you see a tired old – or young – man standing, there’s no harm in letting him sit. Being genuinely nice, being considerate, putting that little bit of extra thought in your actions; that is chivalry, my friends.

I Had No Clue India Was Still In The 16th Century

So apparently the philosophy currently running around in India is ‘One step forward, three steps back’. Just when I thought that homosexuals were finally getting the peace they so deserved in India, the Supreme Court has to go and revert an iconic 2009 judgment that decriminalized gay sex.

Now, we middle class Indians are pretty used to these vote bank judgments. What is killing me, though, is the very mild protest to the judgment. I’ve been literally boiling since I heard about it, but the people around me are indifferent at best. So many people have asked me, “Why does it matter to you? You’re not gay!” So I’ve decided to make a list of the reasons why it matters to me


1.) Our constitution promises equality for all. SO GIVE ALL EQUALITY DAMMIT.

2.) You don’t have to be gay to uphold gay rights.

3.) No court should have the right to tell you who to love. Ever.

4.) The more people try to convince me how homosexuality is unnatural, the more passionate I get about the subject.

5.) Homosexuality has been around for centuries. It IS NOT a new fangled ‘Western’ thing, as some of our idiotic religious leaders want us to believe.

6.) This subject has shown me just how narrow minded the people around me are. And i revel in trying to fight narrow minded people. Even those close to me.

7.) This kind of judgment is like the culmination of everything that is going wrong in India. And I’m just so tired of suffering in silence, of not fighting back.

I’m actually thinking of starting some kind of movement. To show people that gays are not that different. To remind people that what happens in bed, if it’s consensual, is nobody else’s business. That India has many other more important issues, like the consensual age limit, or the ever increasing rape occurences, to worry about the alleged ‘sin’ of homosexuality.

The idiots.

A Long Time On.

Posting after more than a year. Happy to say, the year’s been good. When you last saw me, I was stuck in a terribly hot city studying for my pre-meds.

Well, I gave my pre-meds, got into an AMAZING medical college in Mumbai, and basically am having the time of my life right now.

Well, not right now at this moment.

My exams are going on and I am so dead.

High school couldn’t have prepared me for this. Pre-meds couldn’t have prepared me for this.Image

The Amused Onlooker:

Loved this!

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

Dear Justin Bieber,

Congratulations on your big win at the American Music Awards tonight. Winning “Favorite Musical Artist” is the most valuable award a musician can win if we aren’t counting a Grammy. A Grammy is a much bigger deal.

I did not see it myself. I tend to not watch awards shows like this. They are often filled with musical performances like this:

This is something that seems more appropriate in a terrible nightmare than on a music show. Plus the music is usually very poor.

Since I was not watching the awards show, though, I missed something very important. In your speech you said, “This is for all the haters who thought I’d be around for 1, 2 years.”

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for thanking me. It means a lot to know that all of my…

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In honour of Breaking Dawn Part 2

Not that I didn’t like the books, and no offense meant.


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Because you’re Tom Felton.

Daniel Radcliffe: I had a crush on Emma Watson.

Rupert Grint: I had a crush on Emma Watson.

Matthew Lewis: I had a crush on Emma Watson.

Emma Watson: I had a crush on Tom Felton.


Tom Felton: I had a crush on Helena Bonham Carter.

I mean…. Wow.

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Stupid comic characters are really cute.

Pearls Before Swine is now my favourite comic strip. It’s been offering us jewels all weekend. I absolutely adore Pig.


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